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Concavexe® angled stretched canvas

Concavexe® is an angled sretched canvas with a French-made solid wood frame, a Master Toiles® innovation to add style to your creations.


A worldwide exclusive creation by Master Toiles®

Watch your creativity grow with Concavexe®, 240 references are available.

An original stretched canvas manufactured with high-end materials.


Features and advantages of the angled canvas

With Concavexe® angled canvas, art takes a new dimension : optical effect, enhanced sense of depth. This type of canvas with concave and convex angles can be placed on a flat surface or a corner.

Available in our online catalogue :

  • 120 concave references, with symetrical formats from 30/100cm(50+50) to 80/160cm(80+80) and asymetrical formats from 30/100cm(60+40) to 70/160cm(80+70)
  • 120 convex references, also available in symetrical and asymetrical formats

These two types of angled frames, concave or convex, are available with or without a canvas :

  • 100% polyester white canvas - fine grain
  • Polycotton black canvas - medium grain

The canvas is stretched on a single angled frame, built with the Master Toiles® manufactoring tradition :

  • Solid Maritime pinewood sloped sticks
  • Assembled traditionally by mortise and tenon
  • Canvas stapled at the back
  • Beechwood canvas keys mounted on each canvas

Our canvases are treated with an acrylic coating, suitable for all painting techniques.