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Wide selection of canvas rolls to have full control on the features of your stretched canvas from A to Z.

We offer linen canvas rolls with different grains in order to allow you to select the one that suits you best. When in doubt, we recommend selecting medium grain as it is the most versatile. For precise work such as portraits and glazes, we recommend a fine grain linen canvas.

Master Toiles® canvas rolls

Our 100% linen canvas rolls are made from long fibers, calandered after weaving. Each canvas is prepared and glued in our workshops with the traditional "saber" method, using :

  • 2 layers of skin glue (historically renowned for its preservative properties)
  • 2 layers of Master Toiles® universal coating

The canvas is sanded between each layer to ensure a perfectly regular grain. Finally, the linen canvas is attached to the frame with tacks.

The quality and specificity of the Master Toiles® coating helps paint grip onto the canvas better, and improves the colour quality.